Gray Matters – Business Casual Women’s Guide to Fashion

Although gray Matters is consider a dull and sickly color, gray this season adds a bit of sparkle to the modern woman’s professional wardrobe. Gray is thrown in various shades and shades that complement almost any skin and skin color. so The soft and light color contrast allows it to blend well with various colors and textures. A cool color so that looks great in the fall and can easily transition into winter to make it big on business casual fashion.

Below are the ways professional-mind women can pair gray to enhance their wardrobe for fall!

Proper clothing For Business Casual Fashion

Gray is a great color for women’s suits. From light gray to dark charcoal, this color looks sensational on all skin and hair combinations. We encourage professional women to add patterns and textures to their gray suits. Look for pinstripe, plaid, or tweed suits. These textures look great with bold silk blouses and prints for a sophisticated appeal.

Stop color

Instead of pairing gray pants or skirts with basic white or black tops, consider wearing bright colors. Light yellow or deep blue blouses are good pairs for gray bottoms. Choose colors that are perfect for fall and add dimension to your existing outfits. For example, instead of wearing a red blouse, try choosing colors like ruby, blueberry, or brick red. The deeper and richer the color, the more fabulous the outfit will be.

Shoe on business Casual fashion

The color gray is not only limit to clothing, but women are encourage to buy and wear gray accessories. Gray or silver jewelry is an excellent match for business and business casual fashion wear for work or evening wear. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pins and only a few so that can wear an outfit from common to sixty chic in seconds. Gray shoes are also becoming very popular this season. The shades of gray are so versatile that you can have many shades and color combinations to suit your bags and other accessories.

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