Ultra Violet Rays – Business Casual Women’s Guide to Fashion

The color purple is a famous Broadway literary Ultra Violet Rays , film, and stage play. Professional women use this dynamic color to set the stage for a captivating and elegant entry into the business world. Business Casual Fashion has rules and limits, but modern professional women find ways to enhance their professional appearance, style, and appeal to make the workplace a more elegant environment.

Below are ways you can use this color to shine at any social or business casual fashion event.

Little reign

Purple is not just a tinted shade so that can match almost any skin tone and physical skin tone. Color is of great importance that it can build confidence and enhance your overall appeal. Purple is a mix of reds and blues that creates a sense of mysterious and royal qualities. so It is often used by the nobility and wealthy people as a symbol of extreme wealth and social status. This color also evokes spirituality and creativity, as well as calm and balance.

Purple power

Although we do not recommend wearing a purple suit to work. There are smart and fun ways to incorporate purple into your professional wardrobe for a sleek, modern appeal. Women can wear purple blouses and belts with their business casual fashion suits and outfits. Purple hairpins and hairpieces are also acceptable in any work environment. Women should combine basic outfits in navy blue, black, or gray with purple accessories. Purple accessories can include purple-dyed jewelry in earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Professional women should limit their jewelry to five simple pieces. Purple bags and shoes may also be accepted based on company dress code and business casual fashion or industry guidelines.

Nominal value

Women can also wear purple-toned makeup to make their faces look brighter and look amazing. Soft, subtle violet eyeshadows and lip balms or glosses can bring out the face and make any woman shine in business casual fashion. Women should always be careful about the way so they rig and present themselves in formal business casual fashion settings. The goal is to look professional and not like you’re going to a party at the top or a Hollywood photoshoot.

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